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About Wrinkle Free IT

Data Center locations

Data Center Locations

Wrinkle Free I.T. Inc. Is an I.T. company based out of Southern California that provides Support, Monitoring, Cloud, Email and Website hosting for businesses and clients across the United States and we even have clients in South America. We can assist you and your company with any technical questions, and we offer a network evaluation, both free of charge! We also build desktops and can help out with a computer question or problems. We have the ability to remote into your computer with only a few simple steps. But what really sets us apart from our competition is that Wrinkle Free I.T. strives in customer support and we solve issues based on the root cause not the symptoms.

Why is a computer company named Wrinkle Free IT?

Wrinkle Free IT is an analogy to shirts. Think of a wrinkle on shirt or suit, do you like a wrinkled suit? Probably not, you most likely prefer a wrinkle free suit. In technology a wrinkle can be an re-occurring issue or it can simply be a slow way of operating. So what do you do when you have wrinkles in your suit or shirt? You iron your suit! This is similar to what we do when we find wrinkles in technology, we iron the issues out entire they are gone. The only difference is that we are more like a dry cleaners, we have a schedule and make sure the wrinkles stay out before they are noticeable. What if you didn’t know that your suit had wrinkles on it? What if someone had told you that your suit has dozens of wrinkles on it during a meeting, well I hope you carry a portable iron with you otherwise it is too late. The same things happens with computers and technology, companies try to save money by not maintaining their equipment until everything has already been lost. What Wrinkle Free IT provides, is a constant steady pro-active strategy that prevents problems before it is too late. We normally resolved many issues before the clients even notice!




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