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What is the Cloud?

What is the cloud?cloud The cloud is many times over thought about, and described in a very complex matter that is hard to understand. The cloud is just a general term that invokes accessing a hosted solution over the internet! Basically everything that can be accessed over the internet can be classified as the cloud.


Types of Computer Clouds

  • Backup in the cloud
  • Email in the cloud
  • Websites in the cloud
  • Programs in the cloud
  • Documents and other Data in the cloud
  • Servers in the cloud
  • Desktops in the cloud

Why would I want to use the Cloud?

The future of computing is cloud based. The cloud gives you the ability to have all your data and/or programs available to you at all times!

For example you start working on a very important word document from your office. It’s 4:30pm on a Monday, and you really don’t want to stay another minute at the office. You really don’t want todeployment get stuck in the Los Angeles’s traffic for two hours, do you? Well if your business was in  the Wrinkle Free I.T. cloud, you could leave your office when you wanted and finish that word document from home. Or maybe you weren’t headed home, you were headed over a friends house for dinner. The Wrinkle Free I.T. cloud will give you the ability to finish that word document from your smart phone.

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