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End of Support

Microsoft has announced that end-of-life support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. There is a start and end to any product, when support ends for said product its life cycle also ends. Wrinkle Free I.T. is here to help you make informed decisions about when to upgrade or make any changes as preparation. Even if your Windows 2003 server is up and running at this time, you may run the risk of running your applications on a server that will never be supported again starting July 14, 2015.

Assess your options

No Action. In this example, you may not require server support, willing to undergo major vulnerabilities and are okay with no changes. In this option, the risk of servers or applications with not support, security breach or functional errors is overshadowed by the benefit of focusing all your resources on the overhaul to all-new applications, to replace all the services on your current Windows 2003 server.


Server Upgrade. Undergoing a server upgrade to your existing server, in most cases will result in functionality errors or complications with your applications that you would need to fix and resolve. This solution is extremely high risk, unless you are sure you will not encounter any significant application errors upon the upgrade of the servers, and your business can go through possible services outage of 2 days or more.


Migration and Upgrade. This is the most logical and best option of all. Start with your plan, and do it promptly. The best method planning for your Windows 2003 server migration should involve phases for project scope, resource allocation, capability and budget. In conclusion, the key for successful server migration is to plan ahead, on time and be thorough, don't wait until the very last minute if you can avoid it. If you need advice or assistance with planning or performing your migration Wrinkle Free I.T. can help.


Wrinkle Free I.T. is the best, most specialized and experienced is web/data migration services. Many businesses and individuals rely on Wrinkle Free I.T. for their server migration services. For pre-migration consultation and assessment services, full-service migration plans, call Wrinkle Free I.T. the only full service provider to assure a successful Windows 2003 server migration. Call 562-999-2563 now.




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