Why would I pay a monthly support agreement cost if I own a small business and we don’t have many technical problems?

  • You probably already pay car insurance, insurance for your own health and probably house or renters insurance. You pay for car insurance every month but you probably don’t file a claim every month. Our technical support services are just like insurance although most clients end up using us every month. Don’t worry there’s no increase if you use us everyday, that’s what were here for. Our support services are basically insurance for your companies technical needs and always available if needed. You might not call us every month but that is mostly likely because we include our proactive monitoring with our support services that will help automatically resolve potential problems. You also get a higher priority of service versus companies who are not in a support agreement. We also have an service level agreement that we always abide by, because keeping our clients happy and functional who are in a support agreement are our priority.