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We can assist you and your company with any technical questions, and we offer a network evaluation, both free of charge! We also build desktops and can help out with a computer question or problems. We have the ability to remote into your computer with only a few simple steps. But what really sets us apart from our competition is that Wrinkle Free I.T. strives in customer support and we solve issues based on the root cause not the symptoms.

  • Entirely cloud based – Giving accessibility at your fingertips
  • Smart Device Friendly – Access to the cloud on your smartphone
  • Remote Desktop – Expanded security, Flexibility and Lower Costs
  • Monitoring – Monitoring for any system failures
  • Website Hosting – Easy and Affordable
  • Website Monitoring – Make sure your website is up and running


We are your one-stop shop solution for your website needs. We can create a beautiful looking website, we can host it for an affordable price and arrange domain names. Even if you need a site certificate we can get that done for you as well! It’s that easy with us!

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What is the Cloud?

What is the Cloud? The cloud is many times over thought about, and described in a very complex matter that is hard to understand. The cloud is just a general term that invokes accessing a hosted solution [...]

Don’t settle for Gmail or other free email hosting companies that can’t offer the same features of a Hosted Exchange provider. Wrinkle Free IT can host your email on Exchange 2013 for you, and the rest of your company.

We offer a remote support tool that facilitates instant, secure and trouble-free connections between remote computers anywhere in the globe. And utilize the most current industry standards and infrastructure to guarantee the highest level of security and privacy for our clients.

We offer a free network evaluation for any business! This evaluation involves an on site visit most of the time and consist of a detailed report after the evaluation. We can take a look at everything from security, to the specs of every computer in your business. The amount of detail is really up to you.


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