1. What does “End-of-Life” mean?

Windows Server 2003 support ended on July 14th 2015. Microsoft will no longer release patches or security updates.

It ends support for Windows Server 2003 R2 and 2003 Small Business Server 2003, no more patches or security updates will be released by Microsoft. Vulnerabilities will no longer be addressed for any new security threats and paid support will no longer be available. This lak of patching and updating means this now unsupported OS will not pass a compliance audit.

But why?

2. But why?

Older things cost to maintain over time, cost of maintaining a legacy server can add up quickly.

It’s just time to move on to an OS that addresses some of the more recent updates and security concerns. Even if Microsoft hadn’t done this it’s a good idea to consider migrating to a newer and more robust OS that includes a more modern security architecture and complies with recent security standards.

What can I do?

3. What can I do?

It all depends if your current data and applications are compatible with newer OS.

Consider all the apps you are currently using on your 2003 Server. Will they work, will they work on the Cloud, what kind of service will you get on the Cloud. We can answer these questions, just reach out to us for help.

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