What is the Cloud?

The cloud is many times over thought about, and described in a very complex matter that is hard to understand. The cloud is just a general term that invokes accessing a hosted solution over the internet! Basically everything that can be accessed over the internet can be classified as the cloud.

The future of computing is cloud based. The cloud gives you the ability to have all your data and/or programs available to you at all times!

For example you start working on a very important word document from your office. It’s 4:30pm on a Monday, and you really don’t want to stay another minute at the office. You really don’t want to get stuck in the Los Angeles’s traffic for two hours, do you? Well if your business was in  the Wrinkle Free I.T. cloud, you could leave your office when you wanted and finish that word document from home. Or maybe you weren’t headed home, you were headed over a friends house for dinner. The Wrinkle Free I.T. cloud will give you the ability to finish that word document from your smart phone.

  • Backup – Store your recovery or backups

  • Email – Saves space and easy to access

  • Websites – Access to your website store

  • Programs – Company or Retail programs

  • Documents – Important documents or data

  • Servers – Access your servers or desktops

Have access to all the important data or programs that are vital to keep your business running. The cloud allows you to do that with ease, access it from anywhere even from your smartdevice.

Remote Desktop & Applications.

Remote Desktop is a  feature that allows the user to connect to a computer in another location, see that computer’s desktop and interact with it as if it were local.

What can Remote Desktop do for me? Security: As all of your important data including files and documents will be held in the most secure data centres in the world, there’s practically zero chance of theft or loss. Connection to the remote desktop are protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology, which eliminates the risk of hacking and other data-loss cases common with standard computing and networking.Flexibility: The core purpose of RDS is to allow workers to perform their duties from literally anywhere at any time. The only thing needed is a computer and a secure internet connection, which adds up to the kind of freedom and flexibility that would be otherwise entirely impossible. Lower Costs: Often when using a remote desktop system, it isn’t necessary to invest in multiple copies of the same business software packages as they can be used via a single machine. In addition, the computers used to access the host computer do not necessarily have to be high-performance machines with equally high prices.

Remote Applications with Wrinkle Free I.T. allows you to run programs remotely through Remote Desktop Services and appear as if they are running on the end user’s local computer. These programs are called Remote Applications. Instead of the program being shown to the user inside the desktop window of the Remote Desktop session, the Remote Application is integrated with the client’s desktop. The Remote Applications runs in its own re-sizable pop up window, can be dragged between numerous monitors and has its own entry in the task bar. If the user is running multiple Remote Applications on the same Remote Desktop session, the Remote Application program will share the same Remote Desktop service session.

Remote Application can cut complexity and reduce administrative overhead in many situations, including the following: Branch offices, where there may be limited or no local IT support & limited network bandwidth Situations where you may need to access programs remotely. Use of line-of-business programs, especially custom LOB programs. Environments such as “hot desk” or “hoteling” work spaces, where users don’t have assigned computers.

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