Why we not longer offer IMAP email hosting

With the implementation of Exchange Email hosting service IMAP has been taken out of the picture for many reasons, us at Wrinkle Free I.T. want to offer only the best solutions available for our clients. Here are the reasons why we don’t offer this service:

  • You can’t view your emails without an active internet connection: Although when disconnected, most email clients have some way to cache email on the local machine, depending on the email program used not all email client programs have the option of leave a copy on the local computer.
  • Your email box may fill up: Because all your emails reside on the server, your “email box” (the space on the server allocated for your emails) may fill up.
  • Multiple users may be problematic: If multiple people are using the same account, message syncing can create a confusion.
  • Supported with some providers: IMAP is not supported by all email providers.

We highly recommend using our Exchange Hosting service, fore more info click here