Why we no longer Offer POP3 Email Hosting

POP3 has many disadvantages over the superior Exchange email hosting and Wrinkle Free I.T. not longer offers this service for the following reasons:

  • Messages are not available from other locations: Since POP3 downloads all your emails to your local computer, the emails that were residing on the server will be deleted. If you want to read your email both on your desktop computer and your laptop (depending on whether you are working in the office or on the road),  POP3 makes it very hard.
  • Less capable than Exchange: POP3 simply acts as an interface between the email client and the text file containing your messages.  POP3 generally connects, retrieves all messages, stores them on the user’s computer as new messages, deletes them from the server, and then disconnects.
  • Virus vulnerability: Opening attachments is a quick and painless process, unless the attachment has a virus payload in it.
  • Takes up space on your HDD: All messages are stored on your hard drive eating up what is sometimes very valuable space.

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