We offer a free network evaluation for any business! This evaluation involves an on site visit most of the time and consist of a detailed report after the evaluation. We can take a look at everything from security, to the specs of every computer in your business. The amount of detail is really up to you.


In a sensitive IT environment, when your business depends on a reliable work of your servers and other network devices, it’s important to continuously monitor their state in order to detect connection failures as soon as possible. Get real time status, system resources, logged in users, network performance, Windows updates, IIS, SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory, VMware enables devices and more. We at Wrinkle Free I.T. have monitoring agents that can monitor your servers, computers and websites.

We can set certain thresholds depending on your needs. If a threshold is exceeded, you can be alerted via SMS, email, twitter and/or phone call. Get immediate alerts on critical IT system issues that can lead to system failures.



Resolve issues right away and fix problems on-the-fly by sending commands from any mobile device. Run commands, manage running processes and restart services, apply critical updates, restart systems and many more options.

With mobile apps available for all mobile platforms you have your entire IT infrastructure in your hand at any time from anywhere. Feel free to leave your desk. Wrinkle Free I.T. has the technical knowledge and global reach to ensure that your computers and networks function reliably and seamlessly no matter where they are.

“They handled our I.T. needs with prompt service and catered to our needs, excellent customer service!”
Gerardo Alvarez, Iglesia Adonai
“We at AISI couldn’t be more pleased with Wrinkle Free IT. They are always very quick to respond to any of our needs and their technical expertise is second to none.”
Mark Halsor, Aircraft Information Services