Make Your Home Smart!

Using a home automation system allows all the systems in your home or office be controlled via a single, easy to use interface. Start automating your home sound system, or enhance your entertainment experience with ambiance lights that sync your lights to your games, movies and music using a desktop application. With advanced wireless technologies most, if not all automation systems can be installed without the use of wires. Call a Wrinkle Free I.T. associate and setup your free in-home evaluation to start smartening up your home!

Hey Siri, open the front door and turn on my hallway lights.


Home Automation Ecosystem

There’s a world of options to expand your automation ecosystem completely wireless, lighting, door locks, fans, garage door, you name it!


Deadbolt Simplified

Fumbling around with your house keys will be a thing of the past, control your door lock with a simple voice command or touch pad number combination. Unlock and lock your door from anywhere around the world, remotely!



Make your home safter and smarter by adding smart lighting. If your motion sensor is triggered turn on the lights on your front door to scare away intruders. Or set the lights on your house rooms to turn on if your away from home.


Scenes For You!

Imagine a scene setting for “Kitchen Mode” that sets the lights perfectly lighting your cooking area, makes it easy for you to cook up a feast. Movie time? Hit the movie scene that sets the lights dimmed down to set the mood for movie watching.

Access Anywhere

Anywhere in the World!

Not sure if you left your door unlocked, maybe you left the lights on? Not to worry, remotely check the status of your accessories via your smart phone! Access your controls on the go, no need to go back and check.

Camera Unleashed

Wireless Eye

Whole home security made a whole lot easier! Use an indoor and outdoor wireless hd camera as a security camera. Keep an eye on your little ones while your cook your meals, or outside for recording potential intruders.


Automatic Response

Automatically turn on your lights when motion is detected in the middle of the night as you find your way to the bathroom. Set your scenes to trigger different lights when motion is detected, all remotely.

The Benefits

Energy Saving

Make your home more energy saving by converting over to a smart home lighting. How much energy are you wasting by leaving lights or appliances on all over the house? Turn off lights and appliances remotely!

Light up your way

Ever struggle to find the light switch in the middle of the night when going to the bathroom? Automatically light up your way with motion sensors that trigger certain lights, then automatically turn off when no motion is detected.

I’m home!

What if your garage door would open and your kitchen lights would light up when you simply said “Siri, I’m home!” Automate your home to trigger lights, unlock doors, or turn on thermostat when you arrive.

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